Mawarid Holding Investment company aims to provide its services in accordance with the highest international standards in various fields by achieving knowledge, practical integration and following a clear and creative methodology in all disciplines related to the group’s scope of work. The company is keen to build a diverse professional network by employing more than 11,000 employees. This comprehensive convergence of experiences and skills at all levels has effectively contributed to creating a supportive environment capable of providing solutions and ideas to meet all challenges.

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Our Vision
To be a role model in the Gulf for a diversified group of companies and the preferred partner, operating across multiple industries, mostly admired for its high performance and commitment to deliver excellence by implementing the highest quality, safety and sustainability standards.
Our Mission
Manage various sectors by applying the latest technologies and best practices, and adopt strategic partnership approaches to our customers by providing them with best services and products, while maintaining environmental sustainability in line with the vision of the UAE 2030, as well as our own corporate social responsibilities.
We take pride in our values as a company as we strive for success.
Our Clients
Brief About Mawarid Holding
Mawarid Holding Group was established as a national limited liability company in 2017.
Headquartered in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Mawarid has more than 11,000 employees from 23 countries
Mawarid manages more than 438 forests and protected areas spread over 200,000 hectares in Abu Dhabi
Mawarid manages more than 80 private farms
Mawarid manages and operates more than 30 farms (organic farming)
Mawarid conserves and maintains more than 13 million forest trees and over 630,000 palm trees
Mawarid manages and maintains more than 1,000,000 m2 of green areas
Mawarid operates more than 3000 pieces of machinery and equipment
Mawarid manages and maintains more than 160,000 km of irrigation pipelines of varying sizes
Mawarid manages more than 5000 wells
Mawarid maintains more than 51,000 km of wired fences
Mawarid manages more than 5,500 km of service roads
Mawarid is conserving, breeding and caring for more than 100,000 animals (of over 25 individual species)
We are proud that we are the only company in the world managing and breeding Arabian Tahr
Mawarid cares, conserves and breeds more than 120,000 wild birds (of over 30 individual endangered species)
Mawarid operates 8 large nurseries for local plants with a capacity of more than 10 million seedlings per year
Mawarid operates and manages 3 nurseries with more than 15 million seedlings annually
Mawarid operates around 5 craft areas equipped with the latest machinery and equipment, in addition to the large central warehouses
Mawarid manages research centres and specialised laboratories
Mawarid is proud to be awarded internationally recognised standard certificates that ensure quality standards, environmental protection, security and safety
Mawarid Investment Holding strengths

Integrated Management

The importance of integrated management within the group is seen through its effective and direct impact on the progress and success of ongoing projects, while ensuring satisfactory results for customers and partners. The clear structure of Mawarid contributed to the efficiency of the group's technical and operational expertise. The availability of both the administrative and technical staff ensured the continuity of productivity and work in accordance with the plans and strategies adopted. Mawarid Investment Holding Group has the necessary competencies and capabilities to carry out infrastructure work, planning and design. Mawarid’s light and heavy fleet equipment have contributed to facilitate and expedite the completion of work on the work sites. The group is always keen to sustain natural resources and follow up with recycling operations, which include the recycling of irrigation pipes and agricultural waste.

Technical and administrative capacity

Mawarid Investment Holding adopts a set of detailed and structured internal policies and procedures for administrative work according to contractual frameworks, in order to spread the culture of outstanding performance and motivate individuals to innovate. This is in addition to the constant endeavour to introduce and develop modern technology methods suitable for business development while ensuring the continuous and systematic training of the staff of the group.

Development and Research

The presence of a research and development department, which includes a group of experienced and highly qualified professionals, has contributed to the continuous development and modernisation of the group. The Research and Development Centre contributes to the follow-up and study of research on plants, forests, wildlife, water and alternative energy. The Centre also reviews the best international practices and applies them where appropriate.

Financial Capability

Mawarid Holding Group has the financial ability to execute all business, contracts and commitments.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Engaging society through education is one of our most important goals as a company. Mawarid Holding is in the process of developing an educational strategy in collaboration with other government agencies. Currently, the company, along with support from the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi, has decided to reach out and engage the community with sound educational and awareness programs.

Mawarid Holding participates with the municipalities of Abu Dhabi on environmental concerns, as seen through our ‘clean up’ campaign during Earth Day. Barari has also been actively involved with Madinat Zayed initiatives for environmental occasions, especially throughout the past two years

Furthermore, we are working towards establishing a Mawarid Holding Learning Centre where we can share the best environmental practices and promote knowledge transfer throughout society. In line with our mandate, we have recently been part of events that serve the community in different ways; one such event was the ‘Western Region Without Waste’ initiative wherein we provided equipment and workforce for the initiative.
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