Our Businesses
Barari Natural Resources’ mission is to conserve and manage the forests and wildlife of Abu Dhabi. With over 8,000 staff, Barari manages more than 500 reserves and forests, covering 24,000 hectares with more than 13 million trees of different species. Barari Natural Resources is ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OSHSAS 1001:2007 certified.

Established in 2015, Mawarid Services have employed over 2,500 technical and administrative staff; and owns, manages and maintains over 1,000 vehicles. Proudly sitting as one of the region’s most prolific leaders in the fields of landscaping, engineering works, and infrastructure maintenance, Mawarid services is a key player in the implementation of food security strategy, and the production and management of animal feed, through Al Ain Feed Mill.

Management of Natural Conservation
Mawarid Services is specialised in the breeding and conservation of rare and endangered animals, Mawarid have more than 100,000 animals representing more than 100 species kept in multiple nature reserves. Mawarid also owns a modern hospital equipped with the latest veterinary equipment, and external veterinary clinics in different sites which provides treatment and surgical procedures to the animals.

Mawarid Services currently owns three fully equipped mobile clinics which facilitate the treatment of animals in different sites across many modern scientific laboratories, specialising in breeding and animal health. Treatment is supervised by well-trained veterinarians, specialists, technicians and assistants with varying experience in all fields related to animal health and veterinary care for wild and domestic species.

Mawarid operates three well equipped incinerators for deceased animal disposal, supervised by well-trained staff implanting bio-security programs and standards for disease prevention.

Mawarid employs specialists who have a long experience in animal captures, transportation, immunisation and relocation.

Mawarid has the world’s largest centre for Arabian Tahr breeding.

Mawarid oversees a number of animal production farms for sheep, goats, cows and poultry.

A fully automated plant with a state of the art production facility, Al Ain Feed Mill has a capacity of 70,000 Metric tons of various types of high quality animal feed with different textures including mash, crumbles, pellets, muesli and flakes.

Al Ain Feed Mill provides governmental agencies and private companies with an abundance of feed for all types of animals, including sheep, cattle, birds, camels, deer, zoo animals, game birds and rare species.

A proud member of the Mawarid Holding Group, Al Ain Feed Mill is certified and accredited for ISO/IEC 17025:2005. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 to guarantee quality of products and customer satisfaction.
Mawarid Nurseries provides clients with a variety of Native and Ornamental plants

Mawarid Nurseries was established in 2017 and it is considered as including one of the largest growers and importers of all kinds of ornamental plants palms, trees, shrubs, ground covers and fruit trees in its portfolio.

Mawarid Nurseries has worked on building its capacity while keeping costs low so that the market can be provided with quality products in large quantities at low prices.

Specialising in discrete, world class solutions, Mawarid Security Services LLC (MSS) is an Emirati private security company which works closely with the UAE Government, dignitaries and international businesses throughout the region. Delivering cutting edge project management solutions, Mawarid Security Services take pride in tailoring our expertise to the individual needs of the clients, as determined by a thorough and individualised assessment.

Part of the Mawarid Holding Investment group, Mawarid Security Services offers a broad range of services, including; Border Security, Prison Management and K-9 services.

Pure Health Medical Supplies
Pure Health is a healthcare services and information technology company dedicated to Empowering Healthcare, and making the business of healthcare run better. We partner with payers, hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, healthcare suppliers, the Federal Government, and others across the spectrum of care to build healthier organizations, which deliver better care to patients in every setting.

Pure Health helps its customers improve their financial, operational and clinical performance with solutions that include healthcare operations, healthcare informatics, supply chain management and clinical services through customized solutions.

Pure Health also supports the growing diagnostic industry by supplying medical products to clinical laboratories, while also operating the nation’s largest network of laboratories.

Largely considered as the first desert eco-tourism resort of its kind in the Middle East, Telal Resort is a luxury five-star resort located in the lush oasis of Al Ain.

The resort offers a range of rooms, villas and suites inspired by traditional Emirati design, giving visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the UAE's heritage, traditions and to communicate and interact with the surrounding natural environment.

Telal Resort offers many services, facilities and activities that help even locals feel like tourists. The resort offers its visitors the opportunity to escape from the stresses of contemporary life with a private atmosphere of authentic Bedouin traditions where they can bask in the joys and luxury of five-star service.
Afaq Islamic Finance was established to provide Sharia'a compliant banking services and products to its clients. This is done by providing a number of services including: corporate finance, medical equipment financing, retail financing, Tadawul - equity financing, Tasheel - business finance, wage protection system and electronic dirham. The company's strategy focuses on exploring the investment opportunities available in various business sectors locally and regionally, to achieve the highest returns for its shareholders and its community in the first place, including the strategic partnership with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour, Dubai Economy, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, NASDAQ Dubai, Tasheel centres in UAE, spread throughout the UAE.
Emirates Safety Lab
The idea of the project is to equip and operate a fire safety laboratory in Dubai, which is managed and supervised by the General Directorate of Civil Defense and the Emirates Safety Laboratory. The General Department of Civil Defense is the one who is responsible for preventive safety against fire hazards, in addition to its responsibility for imposing safety and safety requirements in all installations and buildings, and the adoption of all safety materials, products and safety systems from fire hazards.

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