Reinforcement cooperation between UAE and China
Tuesday, 3rd July 2018
Abu Dhabi on 3rd July 2018
Mawarid Holding Company signed today, Tuesday, a contract with Chinese Chongqing Earthskin Environmental Technology Co. to implement a project in the field of desert land development using modern technology. The two sides aim to integrate this joint cooperation into the China-UAE Governmental Economic Cooperation Project under the "Belts and Roads" initiative.
Under the agreement, Mawarid Holding and Chongqing Earthskin technology will select one or more sites from desert lands to plant grass, trees and vegetables in the selected sites in the first year of cooperation
The project aims at using reclaimed desert lands in various agricultural fields
Mawarid Holding is committed to provide desert land and funds whereas Chongqing Earth skin should provides the techniques of agriculture in desert soil.
Mr. Abdul Jalil Albluki - Chairman of the Mawarid Holding Company said that “The UAE gives great importance to the agricultural sector and I remember now the words of the late Sheikh Zayed, who declared "Give me agriculture and I will give you civilization". Which summarizes the awareness of UAE leadership towards agriculture as a strategic hub for overall development in general and the consolidation of sustainable development principles that seek to protect the environment and balance economic and social development in accordance with the objectives of UAE Vision 2021.”
Adding “Today, at Mawarid Holding, we are proud to sign the agreement with Chinese Chongqing Earthskin, which will contribute to desert development using the latest technologies that have been tested in similar environments. This will benefit future generations and improve the quality of life depending on new and diverse sources and conserve water resources in UAE”.

Chongqing Earthskin Ectechnology CQ Earthskin may set up an application research centre of desert reclaimed technologies in Abu Dhabi
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